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In addition of using the search page, you may also want to generate the printable Show the Way QR code programmatically.

Request pre-generated QR code in PNG format{ll}?size={size}&name={name}&address={address}
ll (required) GPS coordinates of the location, in WGS84 decimal degrees format.
Example: 48.85837,2.294481
size (recommended) Size of the QR code to generate, in pixels.
If empty, the default value is 2048 pixels.
Example: 100
name (optional) URL-encoded custom name for the location.
If empty, the default value is the formatted address of the location.
Example: Tour%20Eiffel


  1. Share URL with ll and size parameters,2.294481?size=100

  2. Share URL with ll, size, and name parameters,2.294481?size=100&name=Tour%20Eiffel

Generate the QR code by yourself

If you prefer to generate the QR code yourself, find out the URL you need to use from the Share API documentation .

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