Embed actionable location info

Enable your visitors tap-to-navigate to your place by embedding Show the Way buttons on your website.

Why it is important to embed Show the Way on your website?

Traditionally, one would show the address on the contact page.

Two major problems:

* The navigation application might not have the address in their system yet.

* The address format might unintentionally be confusing.

Sample place address

GPS coordinates, however, is universally supported by modern applications.

Show the Way buttons enables everyone to tap on buttons to navigate to your place with their personal favorite navigation applications.

Sample Show the Way button implementation

What is Show the Way anyway?

Imagine you would like to visit Acme Corporation's summit.
Acme Corporation, being an old-fashioned company, will provide you with the address:
Sample place address

Your next action will be to open up your navigation application on your phone and try to find the address.
And there's a chance that your app can't find that address, and you don't know how to get to their summit anymore.

Now imagine what if you're given these buttons instead:
Sample Show the Way button implementation

With these buttons, you don't have to do anything else other than tapping on one of the buttons and be on your way.
Simple, isn't it?

Show the Way is the best free way to embed actionable location info on your website.

Other parts of Show the Way ecosystem


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