Show actionable location info

Use Show the Way to embed, print, and share an address. For FREE!

Show the Way complements your address


Install Show the Way Widget directly on your website with just one line of HTML.


Show the Way QR code works offline on printed media: business cards, invitations, etc.


Send Show the Way Link via emails, SMSes, and instant messages.

Both online and offline, Show the Way makes your address actionable!

Why should I use Show the Way ?

Works everywhere…

It works online (share and embed) and offline (print), bringing a consistent and seamless navigation experience.

… with almost any app

It can be used with any navigation apps, such as Waze icon Waze, Google Maps icon Google Maps, Apple Maps icon HERE Maps, Uber icon Uber, Apple Maps icon Apple Maps, Bing Maps icon Bing Maps, and others without any additional configurations.

Fast to setup

Regardless of which app they are using, you don't have to waste time trying to send location info from each application.

Fast to use

It only takes mere less than 2 seconds to start navigating using Show the Way .


It can be used with any navigation apps. You're not locked-in with just one app.


Using 6-decimal degrees, it's precise enough to identify individual humans on the map. Precise to 11.13 cm or 4.38 in at the equator.

Show the Way shares actionable location info that your friends can simply tap-to-navigate and be on their way.